about us

Sub is a cooperative of photographers that was founded in Buenos Aires near the end of 2004. The project is consists of 7 members in Buenos Aires: Gisela Volá, Nicolás Pousthomis, Gerónimo Molina, Gabriela Mitidieri, Martin Barzilai, Veronica Borsani and in Madrid Olmo Calvo Rodríguez. 

Their work is enriched through the creation of a collective identity, conducting photography research, sharing ideas, and establishing attainable and desirable horizons towards a shared path. 

It is a constant quest and learning experience, through the means of discussion and consensus. It is a shared goal oriented towards developing ideas and strategies, so that this project, which has been going on for 8 years still continues to pulsate. It is a space for collaboration in which not only the 6 photographers actively participate, but so do the designers, journalists, writers and the historians in an attempt at complexity through the use of multiple tools, and diverse languages in which the narratives which are developed, «Because, above all, we are historical story tellers». The collective has edited the book «Cumbia» (2006) which is an insight into five stories about the peripheral areas of the Buenos Aires suburbs. Sub participated in the «Collectif 03» (2007) and «Collectif 04» (2008), editions, which were also jointly produced by photography collectives from Germany, France, Portugal, England, and Argentina in the framework of the Photojournalism Festivals in Perpignan, France. 

Their work is regularly published in numerous newspapers, magazines and other types of media where Sub works as a collaborator with photographers such as: Le Monde Newspaper, Magazine and Diplomatique (France), Petra Magazine, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Der Freitag (Germany), Interviú Magazine, Igandea (Spain), Gatopardo Magazine (Mexico), El Nuevo Día (Puerto Rico), Lugares Magazine, Rumbos Magazine, Viva Magazine, Hecho en Buenos Aires Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, Le Monde Diplomatique, and La Nación (Argentina), among others.


Argeo Ameztoy, Giovanny Garrido, Juan Vera, Nancy Lucero, Ignacio “Rulo" Smith and Sebastián Hacher also were part of Sub.

Awards and additional Participations


In October of 2009 the collective was invited to the Art Biennial in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador where it participated in the works of «San Darío del Andén. The living memory of Darío Santilán» and received one of the first three awards.

In September 2009, within the framework of the traveling Latin American exhibition «Laberinto de Miradas» (maze of looks), Sub led a workshop on «Photography and social commitment» as well as workshops on self-portraits for children in the suburbs of Santiago, Chile. 

In 2010 the collective participated in E-CO (The Meeting of Euroamerican photography collectives in Madrid and Soria), Spain. Showing the photographic essay «Oxígeno Cero» (zero oxygen) on the contamination of the Riachuelo and it’s inhabitants. 

In 2011 Sub came in first place at the Latin American Picture of the Year South-America competition in two categories: Portraits of daily life and the AVANTI sustainable development category. 

In 2013 Sub came in second place at the Latin American Picture of the Year South-America competition in one categorie: Middle class, with the work «behind closed gates».

Sub regularly invites distinguished photographers and artists from Argentina, Spain, Portugal and France to display their works in a series called «evenings of screening beneath the stars», opening a channel of dialogue and debate among those who work the documentary photography and photojournalism fields, as well as students, artists, activists, and journalists. 

Exhibitions & Festivals



• September • 24 Festival International du photojournalisme (International Photojournalism ) – Perpignan, France.

• July > September: Haroldo Conti Cultural Center- Ex Esma Exhibition «El Sujeto en la frontera» (Subject on the Border), (a space occupied by a clandestine detention center during the dictatorship) Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

• July > August • UADE Art Gallery. «Riachuelo. Between the mist and the gleam» Collective exhibition – curatorship: Victoria Verlichak. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• June > July • Espejos (Mirrors). Haroldo Conti Cultural Center- Ex Esma. The uncertain path to Neverland. Collective exhibition. Curatorship: Loreto Garín Guzmán and Federico Zukerfeld. 



• November • Bienal Photoquai, Musée Quai de Branly, Paris, France. 

Open discussion : Forum of collectives.

• December • Still shot -11 International photography Festival. Montevideo Uruguay.

Open air exhibition in Paseo del Prado from the series: Puerto Quilombo (84 photographs). Open discussion: From the individual to the collective, and the carrying out of 3 photography workshops open to the public: photography and commitment, Portrait- mirror of your reflections, and self-portrait, the constructing of identity for children.

• October • Photo documentary Festival. Quito, Ecuador. Open discussion: Latin American Visibility, Exhibitions from the series: Oxigeno Cero (Zero Oxygen), and the carrying out of the Photography and social commitment workshop. 

• December • Osde foundation -Barro del Paraíso (Mud of paradise), collective exhibition. Curatorship: Juan Batalla. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



• April > May • Galería Arte x Arte (Art for Art Gallery). Buenos Aires exhibition of the series «Oxigeno Cero» (Zero Oxygen) stories from the Riachuelo. Curatorship: Victoria Verlichak. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• August > September • Festival of Light» participation in the Immigration Expo at the «Casa de la Cultura Gob de la ciudad de Bs As» (The Government cultural house of the city of Buenos Aires) Itau Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• July • Recoleta Cultural Center. Exhibition of the series: «San Dario del Anden» awarded at the biennial of Art of Cuenca Ecuador. Curatorship:

Victoria Verlichak. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• May • E-C0 (Meeting of Euroamerican Photography Collectives). Madrid, Spain. Showing of the series Oxigeno Cero (Zero Oxygen), participation in photography collective discussions, and the development of the piece in the city of Soria with a follow up exhibition 48 hours later. Curatorship: Claudi Carreras. 

• May • Honorable Chamber of Representatives of the National Government. Exhibition «Urban Patrimony- La Boca – Barracas». Work conducted for ICEI Instituto de Cooperazione Económica Internazionale (Institute of International Economic Cooperation). Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

• April • Galeria Arte x Arte (Art for Art Gallery). Showing of the series «17 veces volver» («Return 17 times») – Galeria Arte x Arte. Curatorship: Victoria Verlichak. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 



• December • Juan B. Ambrosetti Ethnographic Museum. Exhibition: 5 Refugees + 5 Photogarphers + 5 onlookers - display of exiles. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

• December • Latinphoto Agency showing, Exhibition of «17 veces volver» («Return 17 times»). Zurich, Switzerland.

• November • Cultural Center of Spain- CCEBA. Reciprocity, interdisciplinary collective showing. Curatorship: Loreto Garín Guzmán y Federico Zukerfeld. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• October • X Biennial of Art of Cuenca, Ecuador. Exhibition and Award for photojournalism «San Darío del Andén, la memoria viva de Darío Santillán» («San Darío del Andén, the living memory of Darío Santillán») .

• September • In the J.L. Ortiz wing of the National Library of the city of Bs As. Exhibition of the series «17 veces volver» («Return 17 times») in the J.L. Ortiz room. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• September • 21 Festival International du photojournalisme (International Photojournalism ) – Perpignan, France.

Participation in the collective space of the Palais de Congres.

• April • Palais de Glace. Showing of LABERINTOS de Miradas (Labyrinths of Looks), Curatorship: Claudi Carreras with the sponsorship of the Cultural House of Spain. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 



• December • Meetings of Latin American Labyrinth Collectives. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Participation in open photography collective meetings. Coordinator: Claudi Carreras.

• September • Centro Cultural Borges (Borges Cultural Center) Exhibition: 5 Refugees + 5 Photogarphers + 5 onlookers – the showing was co-produced with ACNUR, United Nations high commissioner for refugees in Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

• February • Festival du cinema de Rennes (Rennes Film Festival)- France. Exhibition of a series of images from Buenos Aires.



• December • Fotosur – Caracas, Venezuela.

• October • Biennale Photoquai –Participation in a collective discussion forum. Paris, France.

• September • 19 Festival International du Photojournalisme  )International Photojournalism Festival 19) – visa pour l'image (visa for the image) 2006. Perpignan, France. 



• September • 18 Festival International du photojournalisme (International Photojournalism Festival 18) – visa pour l'image (visa for the image) 2006. Perpignan, France. 



• October • Exhibition of  the Agency Surpress. London, England.

Nobody cooks the «simply wonderfuls» (little balls of carob bean and coconut) like her, which are a secret Hindu recipe that the Krishna himself taught her. This little blue child reincarnated as her in another life. Simply wonderful is not just a promise. This is Gabi.

She was raised in the countryside among the sounds of percussion instruments such as the drums, the guiro (an instrument used to play cumbia music) and the accordion. Many of the people that her home town feared passed through the open doors of her parent´s house. That is why her family always cooks abundant amounts. She also lives like this, with lots of flavor and zest. Her exaggeration tends to eclipse others. She says she likes the days in which she is menstruating, so she lives everyday in such a way; pushing the limits and openly displaying her passion. This is Gise.

He likes candombe (a style of music and dance found in Uruguay), and the path of the drum to get to where the body can´t enter. He may go off on tangents because of his strong roots. A craftsman and a dreamer, he manages to touch the sky and the earth at the same time with one gesture. His body is rustic and his game is agile. He is the one who comes through at the last minute. This is Gero.

He doesn´t smoke marijuana anymore. He says he should but he can´t manage to do it; since smoking makes him silent and feel like escaping. Drinking is even more difficult for him. He feels everything too much; both the inebriation and the hangover. He says he thinks that the body thinks. He says that while we eat, we must think about why the body is our friend, and that we ought to feed it colors. Greens. This is Nico.

He wears black. He still has a Mohawk and he always will. His whole body is punk, but it´s French punk: refined and luminous. He always lights a cigarette before nightfall. He doesn´t know who Maradona is, but if Diego knew him, he would agree that he even smokes under water… at night, in the sea, any sea, never in a pool. This is Martin.

He sees everything, maybe because he arrives by plane, or maybe because he hears everything first and sees it with his hands. He always carries a school backpack containing some clothes, his camera, and his own sun to illuminate and beautify what he sees. That is why everything is easier with him. This is Olmo.